Support Services

PPHA works in partnership with many support agencies in areas such as mental health, disability and family services to help our residents live successful lives. We also partner with local service agencies to deliver community building initiatives for both our residents and the broader community.

PPHA has also initiated innovative arrangements whereby other organisations invest in PPHA housing developments in exchange for priority access to a specified number of properties. Referred to as 'nomination rights', these arrangements assist in the financing of new developments while providing support services long-term access to properties for their clients that are tenancy and asset-managed by PPHA.

Organisations with nomination rights to PPHA properties are:

  • Disability Housing Trust through Housing Choices Australia (17 properties)
  • Jewish Care Victoria (10 properties)
  • Office of Housing, Department of Human Services (31 properties).

An alternative arrangement for development and financing was made with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Victoria. In this arrangement, PPHA purchased land in McKinnon from the Glen Eira Council which was then sub-divided. The MS Society purchased the sub-divided parcel and independently developed disability modified housing adjacent to PPHA’s affordable housing development.